Exclusive Furniture- Every Homeowner’s Desire

If you want to revamp your house with fresh, new, trendy pieces of furniture, then Exclusive Furniture should be your ultimate destination. Housing numerous range of classy, trendy, traditional and affordable furniture to match every choice and budget, they have everything you need.

The journey of Exclusive Furniture started back in 1998, in a small showroom space with limited quantity furniture. Today, the furniture store stands tall in various locations of the Houston city, Texas, owing to its huge popularity and demand. Today, Exclusive Furniture owns six mega furniture showrooms sprawled across different locations of Houston.

The reviews of Exclusive Furniture reveal the immense popularity of this furniture store. With massive collection of eye catchy furniture designs and styles, made for every type of room, the furniture of Exclusive Furniture would never fail to impress you. Made for both contemporary and traditional customers, Exclusive Furniture caters to all kinds of furniture preferences well within the budget of the common man.

Exclusive Furniture has some very impressive furniture collection for bedroom, living room, dining room, and kid’s room like beds, dressers, vanities, reclining furniture, love seats, ottomans, sectional couches, coffee tables, designer chairs, etc. The store also offer TV stands, entertainment centers, wall systems, consoles, and more.

You Can Trust Exclusive Furniture Reviews:

If you are a new customer and want to know about Exclusive Furniture in detail, you can go through the innumerable reviews of our existing and past customers online, which are mostly positive. The reviews reveal the satisfaction of the customers and also about the competent staff members of our store.

Exclusive Furniture Offers:

1) Cost-effective furniture
2) Incredible collection in various styles and designs
3) Top-notch products and friendly service
4) Easy credit policies
5) Convenient and timely delivery

The furniture products of Exclusive Furniture are covered under a warranty of 1 year against any type of manufacturing defects. To give your furniture the strongest protection, the furniture store also offers 5-year comprehensive warranty that covers the furniture from regular wear and tear. Contact Exclusive Furniture customer support to know more details.

Find Top-Grade Quality Furniture at Low Price at Exclusive Furniture Store

Exclusive Furniture is a well-known furniture store located in the Almeda mall of Houston. The specialty of this store is that it provides innovatory credit programs to assist its clients in financing for furniture.

The store partners with the reputed transport service provider, known as “White Globe Delivery,” so as to ensure prompt and scratch free delivery service. The mission of the Exclusive Furniture store is to provide top-grade furniture to its customers at a fair price. It offers a wide range of furniture for the bed room, children’s room, living room and dining room, such as cabinets, sofas, dresser, dining tables, beds, ottomans, sectionals, etc.

The home-theatre cabinets of this store are crafted with care by their talented artisans and are available in an array of styles and shades like shay, auburn, willow, graffiti, etc.  Along with furniture the store offers mattresses and accents as well. The mattresses of this store are made of foam prepared from active flex that relieves pressure points and the coil system of it provides comfort and support.

If you are looking first-rate furniture, accents or mattresses at a cost-effective price, the Exclusive Furniture store is the right place for you. For more information visit their official site: http://www.exclusivefurniture.com/ or call up at 713-773-0606.

Exclusive Furniture– Redefining Your Furniture Needs

Exclusive Furniture, a big name in the furniture world is located in the Houston city of Texas. Carrying the family business successfully for almost two decades, this eminent furniture store takes great pride in providing value worthy furniture to suit every budget and preferences. The consistent dedication, innovative ideas, unsurpassed quality, unbeatable price, ethical policies and proficient staff of Exclusive Furniture has made this furniture house in Houston, the most popular among its competitors. 


Factors That Give Exclusive Furniture an Edge over Its Competitors:


1) Budget-friendly Pricing

We at Exclusive Furniture make budget-friendly quality furniture that is made available to all kinds of customers with different preferences and budgets. With our main aim to provide quality furniture for all, we also offer easy pricing policies and convenient finance programs so that everyone can buy our furniture without worrying about the budget. 


2) Excellent Customer Service:

Our expert team members supporting the customer service provide excellent service to all our valuable customers and aid them in all possible ways to choose the right piece of furniture to match perfectly with their home and décor, well within their budget. Our competent staff in the customer care also caters to the customer queries and complaints regarding any issue with furniture with prompt and care, and works sincerely to resolve the same with full responsibility.


3) Unbeatable Quality Furniture:

Famous for its quality furniture, excellent staff member, and satisfactory customer care service, Exclusive Furniture tops the list of the best furniture stores in the country due to its fair price scheme. It is due to their “value for money” motive that has driven this family business to match the furniture for all kinds of budget. All these qualities have eventually brought our furniture house gain a massive success over time and have compelled Exclusive Furniture to open an extensive furniture showroom shared with various locations of Houston due to its increasing demand. 


4) Trusted Brand:

Providing top quality furniture for decades, Exclusive Furniture has eventually earned huge reputation among its valued customers. Today, Exclusive Furniture is not just the name of a furniture store, but it has become a brand that signifies exclusive quality furniture made with transparency, fair business policies, quality material, and reasonable pricing.  


5) Transparency:

We maintain transparency in all our dealings with our valued customers and provide fair pricing policies. We do not keep any hidden costs and levy a very insignificant amount of fee as delivery charges. 


Consistent hard work, dedication, exceptional quality furniture, cordial staff, competent pricing policies and association with several social activities has given Exclusive Furniture an edge to build up a super envious brand image. We have some of the finest furniture collection for living room, dining room, bedroom, and kid’s room like beds, dressers, vanities, reclining furniture, love seats, ottomans, etc. We also offer TV stands, entertainment centers, wall systems, consoles, and more.


Therefore, to find the best quality furniture and deck up your home in the trendiest way, look no further than Exclusive Furniture.

Exclusive Furniture Offers a Wide Array of Furniture

The Exclusive Furniture store provides top-grade furniture to furnish a single room or an entire house. From home entertainment furniture like consoles, bar stools and entertainment centers to living room, bedroom, dining room or children’s room, this store has it all.

Good quality, ethical policies, competent staff and remarkable delivery service have made this store one of the most popular furniture store in USA. The store has formed association with “White Globe Delivery” service provider that delivers furniture to the customers in USA promptly and safely. The store makes use of progressive software to track the products being delivered to the customers.

Exclusive Furniture offers brilliant policies for selling its products. For instance, for selling its mattress the store offers 100 days guarantee for unbeatable comfort. In order to avail this guarantee, customers have to sleep on the mattress for a period of at least 30 days and purchase the mattress protector along with the mattress.

Commendable policies, good customer service, high quality furniture and low price are the factors that have contributed to the immense popularity of this furniture store among the customers. Purchase whatever furniture you want from this store, be it bunk bed, chaise, ottoman, console, reclining sectional, armchair or bedroom groups. For more queries you can call up at 713-773-0606.


Exclusive Furniture

Keep Your Furniture New Year After Year

Regular care of your Exclusive Furniture, be it wooden or leather or upholstered, can go a long way to keep them young and new to last a lifetime. Each furniture type needs exclusive care and therefore you should know the proper way to keep them great and performing. Treasure the beauty of your Exclusive furniture with these simple steps and keep them glowing.


Care for Wooden Furniture


To care for wooden furniture you need to protect the finish and the wood itself. The wooden furniture experts at Exclusive Furniture in Houston, Texas recommend the following tips:


1) Avoid Light and Heat


You should keep your wooden furniture away from direct sunlight to help protect the finish. Strong heat and sunlight can damage the delicate finish of furniture and fade the color of the wood. Try to place your Exclusive Furniture in darkened, climate controlled environment.


2) Protect From Damage


Pets, dust, children and movers and packers can be hard on wooden furniture. Even adults have been known to damage the beauty of wooden finish with careless habits. If you want to keep the beauty of your furniture intact, all you have to do is to protect it from unnecessary damages.


3) Clean with Care


Avoid over the counter wood cleaning products which are harsh. Their repeated use can lead to a sticky, chemical buildup that can ruin your wooden furniture. Dust your furniture with lamb’s wool or a microfiber cloth. Always go for light cleaners like natural oil soap. Mix it with and water and clean with a soft sponge. Finally dry it with a clean, soft cloth.


Care for Upholstered Furniture


Upholstered furniture, are those which are covered in a fabric. This could include a favorite chair, a couch or headboard on a bed. Furniture like this is difficult to clean as the fabric of the furniture soak up stains. Some upholstery cleaning techniques from Exclusive Furniture include:


1) Vacuum Regularly


As upholstered furniture acts like a sponge for dust and dirt, you need to vacuum them on a regular basis. Use a good quality vacuum and use it regularly to clean the surface of fabric furniture. Take the help of crevice tool to wipe away hidden dirt and crumbs from the seams.

2) Slipcovers


Nobody knows when your kids can spill the glass of juice on your exclusive furniture. Pets, kids or house parties are all enough reasons to buy washable slipcovers to guard your furniture against hair, spills and dirt.


Exclusive Furniture also offers a 5 year protection plan that covers:


1) Stains such as dye transfer and dye bleed

2) Holes, burns, liquid marks and rings

3) Scratches, breakage of springs, frames, panels or springs


Care for Leather Furniture Care


Leather care is alike wood furniture care. Guard it from heat and light, and clean delicately. Determine the type of cleaner from the type of leather you possess. Use leather creams and conditioners for coated leather while regular dusting is recommended for uncoated leather. Do not apply soaps or conditioners that can alter the leather color.


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